Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had fun doing this one. oil on board.8x8

playing around with roses. oil on canvas.11x14

a little van gogh inspiration .oil on board. 24x6

flowers in a field. oil on canvas.8x8

I love the beach

24 x 12 oil on canvas. lovely topsail beach sunrise.

I love the ocean

west coast sunset. oil on canvas.30x30

from our visit to the Normandy coast. oil on gessoboard. 8x10
Normandy coast. oil on canvas. 18x24
normandy coast. acrylic on paper.16x12
imagery imagined in Bahamas. oil on board.12x12
Pier at Topsail Beach. acrylic on canvas. 11x14
wishing for waves. oil on gessoboard. 12x12


sunset in mountains. oil on canvas.16x20
This was fun painting with palette knife. May mountain. oil on canvas. 8x8
8x8 oil on canvas
Path to peace.oil on canvas.11x14

rest here my friend. oil on canvas.8x10

valley of my dreams. acrylic on canvas.24x36

aaahhh, the beach.oil on canvas.16x20
This is from a friends place in mountains. oil on canvas.11x14
Audra, my sister-in-law, running in Arizona.acrylic on paper.16x12
wildflowers.oil on canvas.11x14

Water way view sketches

Some of these took longer than others, but I've been working on making quick studies.  Some are on paper.  I find it helps me to not overwork and keep loose.

Outer banks.oil on canvas.8x10
acrylic on paper.

Doodling.acrylic on paper.

Yosemite.acrylic on paper.

falls lake. acrylic on paper

falls lake. oil on board.8x10

Normandy.oil on gessoboard.8x10

acrylic on paper.

falls lake. acrylic on paper

acrylic on paper.

acrylic on paper

sunset on falls.acrylic on paper.

My brother's house on Sibley Lake,La.acrylic on paper.

Peaceful lanes

Poppy path.oil on canvas.8x8
The dirt path. acrylic on canvas.14x18
turn right.acrylic on canvas.16x12

Fire lane.acrylic on canvas.18x24
I love dirt paths and roads.Reminds me of childhood.oil on gessoboard.8x10

Watch that curve.oil on canvas.8x8

Childhood memories again,oil on canvas.8x10