Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Mountains and Key Biscayne, Fla

Bigger version of previous Blue Ridge Mtn.16x12

Carolina's Waterway

Cruise Ship in Key Biscayne Fla.

Paintings of Audra's pictures in Louisiana

My brother Matt and his wife Audra wake up to this every morning. Sunrise in their backyard over the lake. Audra is a great photographer!

Same photo...I put the trees in.
My nephews Jacob and Ty on New Year's Eve 2011 playing with fireworks. Cool.


AH...to lay down in this grass and watch the sky move over me.

Blue Bahamas during an approaching storm

Blue Ridge Mtns

The Road to Where?

Turned field showing its rich color

If You Could Be Anywhere, Where Would That Be?

Colors are more vibrant in person...I love stormy skies

My first oil painting done in a workshop with Derec Roache...Love it...a field of poppies

We got to frame it (from workshop)

Montana maybe...a good friend says I need cows in this one...she is right. I need to practise cow drawing.

Mountains  of  North Carolina

Monday, March 5, 2012

More Stormy Skies

Purple Skies

Brave Sailling

To live by the sea

Sense and Sensibility field

This looks better in person. My field of dreams.

Stormy Skies and Colorful Landscapes

Rich Fall

Barns...We should still have them in our backyard.

Stormy Field

Lets sail the Carribbean Seas